Traffic Beacon Light 5095 (Red/ Yellow)
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Product SKU LiGHT-5095
Brand LH
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
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1. Color: Red /Yellow
2. Suitable for alarm at a dangerous post in industrial and mineral enterprises ,at the watch post,
on the top of  a vehicle etc.  DC 12v rotary type .
3. Long life warrant' super bright
4. Bottom with one big round magnet ,cover by base, No scrape car's painting
5. Usage: Police, fire engine, ambulance, street sprinkler, truck
6. Perfect for use in Fog, Rainy, Snowy Mud
Wind Season Ideal for Emergency Situations ,Durable and Bright Light
7. Circular Warning light  Strobe light, Caution Light 
8. Wattage:10W