MSA V-Gard Protective Cap - White (Original China)
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Brand MSA
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm
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Features :
• Superior top impact protection
• Fas-Trac III suspension is the most comfortable on the market—
preferred by 92% of users
• Designed for use with MSA accessories (100+)
to ensure compliance with the helmet & accessory

Markets :
• General industry and manufacturing
• Electric/utilities
• Construction
• Oil, gas and petrochemical

Care & Maintenance :
• Clean helmet assembly regularly with MSA's Confidence Plus
Cleaning Solution (P/Ns 10009971 or 10032737) or mild soap
(no detergents) and warm water
• Do not throw, drop, use as support or abuse helmet
to ensure proper working condition
• Store helmet in clean, dry environment <49°C (120°F).

Service Life Guidelines :
• V-Gard Helmets are made with high-quality,
wear-resistant materials.
• Inspect the helmet before and after each use and replace
any part(s) as required.
• Always replace the helmet after it has withstood an impact
or penetration. MSA recommends:
– replacing the suspension after no more than 12 months of use.
– replacing the shell after no more than five (5) years of use.

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